Funeral Assistance

On behalf of the entire Jewish community, let us express our sincere condolences at the recent loss of your loved one.

We have put the following guidelines in writing for you so that at this time of making funeral arrangements, when it may be hard to listen to and remember details, you will be able to refer to this information should you require some financial assistance.

These guidelines will help ensure sensitive and timely response to you during your bereavement, an equitable review of your families’ finances, and follow up with the Jewish Funeral Home and Cemetery.

Please fill out the Funeral Assistance form below. The more complete the information the better we are able to serve you. You may also download the form and mail or fax it back to us at (402) 697-7019.



  1. Initial contact after the death will occur with the Cemetery and Jewish Funeral Home, not JFS.
  2. To apply to Jewish Family Service (JFS) for financial assistance regarding funeral arrangements for your loved one; your anticipated financial difficulties should be discussed at the time funeral arrangements are being made with The Executive Director of the Jewish Funeral Home. JFS is unable to provide financial help for upgraded services, which includes an upgraded casket and limousine service.
  3. A written Contract from the Jewish Funeral Home with all costs (not discounted) will be given to the family. The statement from the Cemetery (not discounted) must also be presented for review.
  4. Additional financial information from the family will be required to make a proper assessment of financial need including, but not limited to, the attached “Financial Needs Assessment Form/Funeral,” previous year tax return/payment receipts, current bank statement, copy of insurance policy for the deceased and other financial information specific to current assets and debts of all immediate family members. A copy of the death certificate is also required.
  5. It is the responsibility of the family or representative of the deceased to call JFS to arrange a time to discuss their financial assistance request. The financial information described in #3 and #4 above is necessary for the request to be initiated. Walk-ins are discouraged, as the family will be meeting with the agency’s Assistance Coordinator.
  6. The Director of JFS will notify the family and the appropriate representatives of the Cemetery and Jewish Funeral Home regarding eligibility for assistance and the disbursement amount to each agency.
  7. Checks will be issued to the appropriate service providers which includes the Cemetery and Jewish Funeral Home.
  8. It may be possible for both the Jewish Funeral Home and the Cemetery to further discount their service costs due to the financial eligibility determined by JFS.
  9. New financial statements from the Cemetery and the Jewish Funeral Home, which reflect the disbursement by JFS and other discounts, will be sent to the responsible party with a copy to JFS.
  10. The “new” outstanding balance(s) is the responsibility of the family of the deceased. If necessary, payment arrangements can be made with both the Cemetery and Jewish Funeral Home representatives.

Financial Needs Assessment/Funeral

Jewish Family Service is sensitive to your recent loss and we would like to express our sincere condolences during this time of mourning. In order for JFS to provide assistance for your funeral expense, we must ask the following questions:
(Please provide written contract and/or statement)

Income Assessment of Deceased


Family Assessment

If you are eligible for assistance, JFS will contact the Jewish Funeral Home and the appropriate Cemetery to negotiate a discount of services. The remaining balance is the responsibility of the family.
All correspondence is kept strictly confidential.